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What are the Challenges in Delivering Rich Customer Experience?

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The pandemic has disrupted businesses globally. Some businesses had to optimize their resources, while some had to furlough theirs in order to survive the turbulence. But one common thing among all businesses was that they had to cut down on costs: CAPEX as well as OPEX, which meant marketers had to work on a tight budget and yet be able to garner more leads.

Organizations have adopted digital practises and have shown interest in customer experience platforms to ensure front-end business continuity without the need for extra resources. Many organizations have embellished their capability of providing a rich customer experience while the customers thought otherwise. According to a Bain & Company survey, while 80% of companies believe they deliver “superior experiences,” only 8% of customers agree.

Let’s look at the challenges faced by organizations while building a great customer experience:

Lack of Organization-Wide Commitment

Customer Delight begins with having strong and committed executive level sponsorship, with oversight of digital technologies and foresight to prioritize these to champion change. Customer delight is often seen as a responsibility of the marketing team. But, CX is more than that. It has to be a core commitment that runs throughout the organization. This paves the way for organizations to move quickly and ensure that everyone is on the same page and executive decisions are not creating transformation bottlenecks.

Siloed Customer Data

Data is the key to deliver personalized customer experience. Due to teams working in siloes, it is challenging to get access to the data in a truly omni-channel manner. For instance, the marketing team might not have access to data fed into the helpdesk system by the support team. What if the marketing team sends the customer an ad for a product he was unhappy with or is no longer interested in? This results in a siloed customer experience which, in turn, might ward the customer off.

Emerging technologies such as Big Data, combined with Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation, and cognitive computing, can help businesses to create a rich and personalized customer experience. Real-time insights derived from customer data points can help businesses to be flexible, and quickly change products and experience basis insights. Digital technologies that leverage customer data can help organizations to improve efficiency and accuracy in content creation, and deliver a truly customized customer experience. Organizations can also build a data ecosystem with omni-channel and easy access to data across teams.


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Lack of Front-Line Motivation

Your front-line are a mirror to the kind of experiences you provide. If your staff aren’t feeling engaged and motivated on a daily basis, it will reflect on customer feedback and product sales. Organizations need to rethink their employee experience strategy. Giving them the freedom and ownership to make decisions with set KPIs and incentives will boost their morale which, in turn, will enhance product sales.

Absence of a Truly Tailor-made Experience

80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides a personalized experience. Unfortunately, many businesses adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to CX.  Product sales and customer queries are referred to as targets and tickets and are viewed as a game of numbers. It’s important for businesses to make a real effort to understand their customers. Sales and Support teams, in particular, need to look beyond numbers and realize there’s a person on the other side who wants to be engaged.

Customer Experience platforms help organizations build digital processes, define marketing strategies and achieve targets, while delivering a truly tailor made customer experience.

It’s worth exploring platforms such as Oracle Content and Experience Cloud (OCE) which can ensure a personalized experience for every customer across multiple channels such as website, mobile site, mobile apps chatbots etc. OCE blends content management and customer experience to create a truly personalized experience – the hallmark of success in the digital age.

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